Attack of the Franken Bunnies

Attack of the Frankin bunnies is an in studio project with a primary focus on physics based fun. You will get to see a lot of work in progress and half implemented bits and pieces as the project moves along. Feel free to comment add suggestions, ask a question or just drop by now and then for a peek.

The plot....... don't get too excited is not shakesphere.

You're Jack O'hare and looking forward to a rest after a day falling timber. It's dusk and the fog has followed you down Craggy Ben's pass to the outskirts of Sticksville. You turn into your small plot when through the dim light of your pickup, you notice something odd. The macabre bobbing jaunt of the un-dead.

Well aint that inconvenient? It's lucky that you just happen to be a Lumber Jack with all the tools of the trade needed to dispatch.... erm, rescue the poor folk of Sticksville. With chainsaw, shot-gun, flairs and a big lump of wood at hand, you plunge your way into the foggy undead soup.


Franken Bunnies Early Melee

Posted by admin on June 27, 2012

Really its too early to show, but in its current  state its very amusing. Some rough AI steering is in, but it yet to take into account the loss of mass for each dismembered bunny part. The result...... flying gibs. Mouse based melee is working quite well and maps nicely . Does anyone remember Die by the Sword? Classic pc gaming.


Franken Bunnies Physics

Posted by admin on June 27, 2012

Early Physics testbed. Checking to see if the punch doll Physics Idea holds up. Seems quite stable so far and fairly easy to set up. Fun stuff.


Franken Bunnies

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012

First blog on some very silly bunnies. Early camera and lighting test. with a little shader work done to the light and particles. More silliness to come....



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