Satellite Reign

Posted by admin on July 26, 2013

 A WIP post on the Satellite Reign project . I'm currently working with 5 Lives to implement a whole suite of post and special effects. They are currently undergoing a Kickstarter Campaign which you can help with :)


The Tech

SSRR is a post effect reflection system that integrates into a customized variation of Unity's deferred rendering pipeline! By modifying Unity's lighting algorithm to approximate physically based models, the SSRR system is able to better reproduce complex light environments and detailed surfaces. The system is comparable to the technology path taken by both the Crytek and Killzone engines.



  • Speed of production, requires no baking and less artist time.
  • Suited to dynamic environments.
  • Fixed cost based on screen resolution.
  • Works with any Unity specular deferred shader.
  • Scalable to match hardware specifications.
Current features
  • Specular reflections
  • Glossy reflections
  • Fresnel reflections
  • Approximate Secondary bounce reflections
  • Global Cube Map fallback for infinite and off screen reflections
  • Light conservation
  • Customized ray marching and diffusion patterning system


  • Integrated Global illumination
  • Integrated Ambient occlusion
  • Surface continuity prediction and scene continuity analysis for improved performance and higher qualityMetallic reflections